Weight Loss Essential Package


Essential oil package to help promote healthy weight loss. Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Clove, and Peppermint.

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All of these Essential oils are Therapeutic Grade. The purest quality in the market.

Each of these essential oils helps to curb one's appetite, provide energy and boost metabolism.

Orange essential oil- This essential oil helps with fluid retention, high blood pressure and combats tumor cell growth.
Grapefruit essential oil- This essential oil detoxifies the kidneys, liver and bladder. It is also known for appetite suppression.
Lemon essential oil- This oil is known for its diuretic properties and also helps with acne, wrinkles, urinary problems.

Clove essential oil- This essential oil helps aid in digestion and contains the largest antioxidant value of any single essential oil. Used in dental preparations due to analgesic properties.

Peppermint essential oil- This oil is known for its soothing qualities on the digestive system and is great for helping to calm the stomach and reduce symptoms of nausea.

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